Welcome to the new home of SierraGold Morgans
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Morgans of type, substance, color, gait, athleticism, grace, beauty and brains

About Us

Welcome to SierraGold Morgans, founded by Donna and Manuel Perez who have been breeding, raising and training beautiful Morgans since 2001. The passion for these wonderful horses began with the beloved Twilight Golden Dream. His beautiful coloring, smooth gait and remarkable demeanor led to the arrival of many offspring.

SierraGold Morgans is situated on a 35 acre property in Lompoc, California. We have plenty of room for all our horses to graze and run throughout our fields.

Our training guidelines are simple; patience, affection and respect. We allow all our horses personalities to shine through. Our passion and love of our horses radiates as we speak of them.


Sales Contact

Donna Perez
Location: Fullerton, CA
Phone: 714.870.1246
or: 714.231.0743
Email: dperez@schydraulic.com


Tina Verbeek
Phone: 714.231.0907
Email: tavojv1265@gmail.com